If you’ve ever been on set or attended a Kids in the Spotlight fundraising function, you most
likely have encountered a member of the amazing organization, BE at Warner Bros. As
longtime community partners “BE” has helped pave the way for KITS with a many
connections and opportunities for KITS. But none like this!

“BE” Members

As a result of BE’s tireless efforts KITS is the recipient of much needed production materials
through Encore, Warner Bros.’ food and material reuse program.


Designed to connect WB with local community partners, Encore donates surplus items from
their food services, productions and departments. And the contribution couldn’t be more
timely. As mentioned in the WB Good’s 2019 Encore Report, we are on the fast track of
creating our social enterprise–a production studio for a cause a production studio for a cause. The donation of items
Encore will be used at our 24-hour production studio that will offer industry professionals the
opportunity to pay it forward by renting our sets for their productions, while hiring our youth
to work on their projects.

Thank You WB Good

Created to enhance the studio’s commitment to diversity and promote “an environment of
understanding, acceptance and inclusion,” BE at Warner Bros. develops a myriad of
initiatives including those that promote cultural awareness and community outreach.

We are so fortunate and grateful to have their continued confidence and support. Thank
you Warner Bros!

“BE” at KITS Awards

We are actively seeking potential studio space. If you have any leads, please feel free to
contact us through our website or phone the KITS office at 818-945-2009.

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