Dwight Caines Dwight Caines Dwight Caines [President, Domestic Marketing, Universal Pictures] joined us for a quick
Q&A session with our Top 3 Finalists to reveal the results.
And the winner is…
Rainy Days Rainy Days Rainy Days
By James Gutierrez
“Abandoned as a baby, Percy’Q traverses through life attempting to overcome the traumas
of his past.”
The reactions of our youth — especially in the way they were truly rooting for one another —
were priceless. Each of the Top 3 were leading at different points, and with only a few scores
left to count, there were only 12 points separating first and third. No doubt in our minds all 3
films deserve to be made.
A huge CONGRATULATIONS is deserved for all of the youth who entered scripts, making it
a very close competition. This is just one of many competitions you will enter as
screenwriters during your careers; your stories and skills will only get better.
A big THANK YOU to all of the judges who helped make this competition a huge success