Heaven’s Hard Pitches (2014) and 18 Years (2011), two Kids In The Spotlight Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) short
films written by and starring foster youth, are Official Selections for the inaugural KIDS
FIRST! / Daddying Film Festival FIRST! / Daddying Film Festival (KFDFF).
KFDFF, which takes place online June 13 through 20, 2022, is a collaborative partnership
between the DADvocacy Consulting Group DADvocacy Consulting Group’s Daddy Appleseed Fund Daddy Appleseed Fund and the KIDS
FIRST! Film Festival FIRST! Film Festival. FREE all-access Festival passes are available now at KFDFF’s Eventive
site: https://bit.ly/KFDaddyingFilmFest-Welcome https://bit.ly/KFDaddyingFilmFest-Welcome
Heaven’s Hard Pitches tells the story of a young girl searching for answers to her father’s
identity and the reason she was sent to foster care. Directed by Mo McRae Mo McRae, the film was
written by Kera D. Kera D. and Carissa J. Carissa J., stars Carissa J. Carissa J. and features guest co-stars Kellee
Stewart Stewart and Omar J. Dorsey Omar J. Dorsey.
In 18 Years, a teenage basketball star looks to follow in his father’s footsteps, until he
discovers a secret he thinks may tear his family apart. Directed by Ed Broaddus Ed Broaddus, the film
was written by Taylor P. Taylor P., stars Jamal Yusuf Speakes Jamal Yusuf Speakes and Seve Williams Seve Williams, and features
guest co-star Antonio D. Charity Antonio D. Charity.