KITS is so honored to announce Senator Holly J. Mitchell (D-California) will join us on Saturday at the KITS Awards! The Los Angeles native currently serves in the state senate, representing the 30th district of California and is also a candidate in the 2020 election to represent District 2 on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.
Senator Mitchell is known as one of Los Angeles’s most effective representatives, having worked to pass roughly 70 bills in the legislature to protect and advance California’s values. Mitchell’s notable legislative wins include: passing the #EqualityandJustice package of 10 criminal justice reform bills, transitional housing placement for foster youth to help prevent youth homelessness and extended access to mental health care services for our most vulnerable residents. This is just one of the reasons we’re so excited to introduce her to Kids In The Spotlight and the important work our youth are doing.
In 2018, Senator Mitchell was named vice chair of the Joint Legislative Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response, formed in response to the #MeToo movement and several instances where accusations had forced some lawmakers to resign. Another “Parallel” with one of our films, tackling sexual assault, premiering this Saturday.

Her 2019 legislative year shows even more of her commitment to those she serves. Some of her authored work signed into law this year includes: the “CROWN Act” (Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural hair), “Strong Start for CalWORKs Families” expanding access to childcare, “Housing Opportunities Act” addressing housing insecurity, “Building the Juvenile Hall to Career Pipeline” requiring court schools to establish post- secondary education and/or job training, and “Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act” addressing the inequities of maternal care for black mothers and infants. She also co- authored bills with colleagues, including AB 392 restricting the use of deadly force. This is another topic our youth addressed this year, which can be seen Saturday at the KITS Awards.

Thank you, Senator Mitchell, for your commitment to so many issues that touch the lives of foster youth across Los Angeles, such as our very own Kids In The Spotlight.