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KITS Production Studio

As a social enterprise, KITS Production Studio with Purpose [PSWP] leverages the vast resources of the entertainment industry—generating $43 billion in annual labor revenue—to provide racial and economic equity for youth who would not otherwise have access to these experiences. Our 5,300-square-foot studio in Van Nuys operates as a workforce development center, offering hands-on training, career exploration, and paid work opportunities. The facility includes multiple production sets designed to support a vast array of projects from small-budget independent productions to large-budget TV and film productions.

kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight production studio

14 Years


Increasing Career Readiness, Social Capital & Resiliency

KITS Young Professionals use the studio to access paid work opportunities, as well as media arts classes, career development workshops, and peer-to-peer support. At KITS, our alums earn as they learn, unlocking doors to a brighter, more equitable future.



Boarding Academy

The KITS Performing Arts and Residential Academy will be made possible by the support of the studio


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Client Reviews



The KITS team was great! They were professional and supportive and it was a joy to work with them. We also loved the studio space. KITS production studio is inspiring with so many sets ready to go. We look forward to being back soon!



Kids In the Spotlight’s production studio with a purpose is remarkable! They have incredible sets to utilize like the courtroom, apartment, news desk, classroom, jail cell, even an elevator! The staff is phenomenal, knowledgeable, professional and such a joy to work with! This studio has it all and I love it!!!!



I am in love with this production space. The entire staff is attentive and knowledgeable.