“What if foster parenting looked more like coparenting, coaching,
and mentoring? What if youth voice was factored in at every stage
of decision-making?” ~ChildWelfare.gov

May is National Foster Care Month

This year’s National Foster Care Month brings awareness to the need for the foster youth perspective in the decision-making process that governs their care. And Kids in the Spotlight is here for all of it.

KITS was founded in May 2009 with the belief that, with guidance, kids can learn to “re-write the end of their story”; that platforms for their voices to be heard (and respected) are crucial for their growth and healing from trauma.

Everyone is Unique.

Through the art of filmmaking Kids in the Spotlight provides such a platform, and has documented impactful results such as opened channels of communication
between foster youth and their families– both foster and biological, as well as improved academic achievement and
behavioral conduct among program participants.

KITS works in tandem with a myriad of child welfare professionals and community partners to be a “support to families, not a substitute for parents.” Because it truly takes a village to protect and nurture these most vulnerable youngsters.

To find out how you can join KITS’s effort to change lives–one film at a time–visit: https://www.kitsinc.org/support-us

For more information about National Foster Care Month 2020, visit: childwelfare.gov.

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