High-End Production Included Top Gun: Maverick
Camera, Rain Set, KITS Youth Extras
In May 2021, Kids In The Spotlight Kids In The Spotlight Kids In The Spotlight Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) announced the winner of the second annual
KITS National Short Screenplay Competition National Short Screenplay Competition: Rainy Days by James Gutierrez James Gutierrez James Gutierrez James Gutierrez, to be
produced in 2022.
Rainy Days, the first KITS film to feature a rain set, was directed by Mo McRae Mo McRae and
produced by Lex Scott Davis Lex Scott Davis Lex Scott Davis Lex Scott Davis and Matt Cassaro Matt Cassaro earlier this month.
The film tells the story of Percy’Q, who is abandoned as a baby and traverses through life
attempting to overcome the traumas of his past.
Gutierrez’s script was awarded following a
free 5-week Virtual Screenwriting Course
open to transitional age youth nationally.
Media buzz for Gutierrez’s project includes
this interview with the International International International
Screenwriters’ Association Screenwriters’ Association Screenwriters’ Association.
Gutierrez said, “I want to
tell stories that have that
same timeless, classic
feel to it where people
still resonate with it
years onward – like Tim
Burton’s Nightmare
Before Christmas.”
KITS industry partner Panavision Panavision Panavision made a generous contribution to the film through camera
equipment—including a camera that was used to film the 2022 box office smash hit Top
Gun: Maverick. MBS Equipment Company MBS Equipment Company MBS Equipment Company also gave in-kind support in contributing a key
grip/lighting package. Special thanks to new partners, Make-up Designory (MUD) Make-up Designory (MUD) Make-up Designory (MUD), for
providing make-up artists on set both days.
Teaching Artist Jaszmin Kuhner Jaszmin Kuhner Jaszmin Kuhner, who trains KITS youth in editing, was cast in a small acting
role in the film. Ty Hale Ty Hale Ty Hale, who plays 14-year-old Percy’Q, comes with work in Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce’s
groundbreaking music film Lemonade.
Script-to-Screen participants from our current Legacy Arts Connection Legacy Arts Connection Legacy Arts Connection cohort visited the
set and participated as extras in the production.
Prepare to witness stunning cinematography by John Rosario John Rosario John Rosario when Rainy Days premieres
at the KITS Film Awards on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at Regal LA Live. Save the date!