Written by youth from the Variety Boys and Girls Club, the film is based on true events and follows a young Hispanic kid as he learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of family after he walks away from a gang. Through artful storytelling, the writers wanted Treachery In Boyle Heights to promote an end to gang violence by speaking directly to young kids from their neighborhood.


The film, produced by Kids In The Spotlight (KITS), is directed by Paramount Pictures executives Grant Housley (Senior Manager Mastering, Worldwide Technical Operations) and Michael Trainotti (Senior Vice President, Technical Services). This was Housley’s fifth time directing with KITS.


It also features an appearance by Ada Luz Pla (On My Block, Grey’s Anatomy, Mayans MC, Jane The Virgin), who was inspired by the true events surrounding the story’s origin.


Treachery In Boyle Heights was written by Beatriz B., Celso C., Alize G., Rene L., Cristian P., Edi P., Sebastian P., Bryant R., Yadira R., and Yovanni R.


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