With more than 2.7 million nonprofit organization in America there will always be those with questionable fundraising and accounting practices. Kids in the Spotlight works tirelessly to ensure funders that every penny raised can be accounted for, and our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Last week KITS was certified Gold by GuideStar, the world’s largest source for up-to-date information on nonprofits.

GuideStar is often the first stop potential funders make to vet the financial credibility of a nonprofit. Their mission is to connect people who want to change the world with the resources to be able to do it. This is a huge vote of confidence for Kids in the Spotlight and opens up a new range of funding possibilities.

Kids in the Spotlight is committed to maintaining this gold standard by continuing to be good ground to plant financial seeds.

To see the KITS GuideStar profit, click the logo above.


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