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To accommodate the growing demand, KITS has made access to our films for your events easier than ever by creating flexible film licensing opportunities to meet your needs. All fees are used to support the continued work of Kids In The Spotlight.



KITS has a library of over 95 short films written by, cast, and starring youth in and from foster care. The industry standard quality films address social justice issues that hit closest to home–abandonment, neglect, human trafficking, gun violence, sexual assault, physical abuse, drug abuse, mental health, and more.


KITS films are being utilized as an educational tool by the Department of Children and Family Service offices throughout the country for their administrators, leadership teams, staff, stakeholders, and peer-to-peer learning.

The films have been accepted into film festivals in both North America and internationally, and have earned numerous awards, including “Best Social Justice Film.”

Our Packages



Educational Institutions Licensing $500

Corporate Event Licensing $1250

Government Event Licensing $1500

Nonprofit Event Licensing $1100

What’s Included?

Up to 2 Films


Educational Institutions Licensing $1000

Corporate Event Licensing $2300

Government Event Licensing $3000

Nonprofit Event Licensing $2000

What’s Included?

Up to 4 Films

KITS Staff

2 KITS Youth for Q&A

Fee does not include travel expenses over 60 miles outside of Los Angeles.


Educational Institutions Licensing $2500

Corporate Event Licensing $4500

Government Event Licensing  $6000

Nonprofit Event Licensing  $4000

What’s Included?

Up to 4 Films

KITS's Founder & CEO

2 KITS Youth for Q&A

Fee does not include travel expenses over 60 miles outside of Los Angeles.

Complete Film Library

kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight movie poster
kids in the spotlight movie poster
kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight, non-profit, foster youth,  Los Angeles
kids in the spotlight
kids in the spotlight
  1. Cracks in the Wall (Drama) – After a student dies by suicide, school officials launch an investigation to uncover the bully who may be responsible.
  2. Imperfect Star (Drama) – A social butterfly decides to attend the party of the year, against her mother’s wishes and faces the consequences. 

  3. In This House (Drama) – A young boy is caught in the crossfire between his dad and a vengeful employee.

  4. The Hallway (Dramedy) – 4 teenage bullies go on a search to continue their daily routine of bullying only to finally learn the severe consequences of their actions. 

  5. Mind Games (Drama) – A neglectful parent learns the adverse effects of over-medicating her son and now must face the consequences of both his and her actions.

  6. Redemption (Drama) – A young man headed down the wrong path in life decides to give his life to Christ.

  7. Speak (Drama) – Faced with a crippling anxiety, a young woman overcomes her fear only by confronting her greatest enemy.

  8. Trying At Love (RomCom) – In order to save his job, a bumbling, Cupid-like God of love takes the form of a teenager to play matchmaker for one last couple.

  9. Unconditional (Drama) – A young man who has made the decision to get out of “the game,” but when things hit the fan, he is deserted by his friends. 

  10. The Good Life (Drama) – Following a tragic accident, an aspiring musician loses his sight and lust for the “good life” he always dreamed of. Now he must find his way back through the music.

  11. Rainy Days (Drama) – Abandoned as a baby, Percy’Q traverses through life attempting to overcome the traumas of his past.

  12. Rite of Passage (Drama) – Two brothers in the middle of a fight get trapped in a mysterious elevator that reveals to them blood has nothing to do with family.

  13. Run (Drama) – Always Run to what you fear.

  14. Scripted (Drama) – A group of filmmaking students set out to produce a movie for their class, when they discover that the story that they are telling has started to mirror their lives and one of them might be killed.

  15. A Midsummer Day’s Dream (Comedy) – In this comedic retelling of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a shy girl at a party tries to hide her true feelings from her crush while a magical spell causes everyone to fall in love with each other.

  16. Bully (Drama) – A lonely teen from a troubled home is pushed past his breaking point when a bully ruins his chance to take his crush to prom.

  17. Don’t Get Comfortable (Dramedy) – Three siblings trapped in the foster care system must do everything they can to stay together as a family while being sent from foster home to foster home.

  18. The Inheritance (Drama) – After the death of their father, three estranged brothers are forced to meet for lunch in order to receive information about their inheritance.

  19. The Living Exhibit (Horror) – After breaking into an art gallery as a dare, three young friends that are at odds with each other learn the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice.

  20. Sabor Del Exito (Drama) – Two Hispanic siblings must find the courage to tell their father that they don’t want to live the life has planned for them.

  21. Treachery in Boyle Heights (Drama) – A young Hispanic kid learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of family after he walks away from a gang.

  22. ​A Majestic Wish (RomCom) – Her only wish is to have her father back, but a birthday dance with her crush would be nice too.

  23. Brown (Drama) – With hope for the future, five students find their plans derailed when they encounter the systematic setbacks of being Brown. 

  24. Burnt Feathers, Broken Wings (Documentary) – A documentary about the trials and triumphs of four girls in the foster care system dealing with addiction.

  25. Cyverius (Sci-Fi) – In 2120, two young, gifted scientists travel to a foreign planet to acquire a rare plant needed to save humanity. 

  26. Exemplary (Horror) – Set in the Civil Rights Era, a group of young Black girls must band together in order to escape the clutches of an evil villain trying to silence their movement.

  27. Parallel (Drama) – Double standards play a major factor when sexual misconduct occurs at a high school.

  28. Purpose (Drama) – Words of inspiration from a homeless man gives meaning to the lives of three people searching for answers. 

  29. The Demon Inside Me (Horror) –  When kids in the neighborhood begin to go missing, Aria, her friends, and her two mothers band together to make sure Aria isn’t next. 

  30. The Ties That Bind (Drama) – When two young men living in poverty are faced with a difficult decision, they must decide if easy money is worth the risk.

  31. Vigil (Drama) – When an encounter with an aggressive police officer leads to a fatal incident, a teen is forced to relive the tragedy until he can find a way to break the vicious cycle. 

  32. Who Killed Catalina Sanchez? (Horror) – A group of high school students try to find out which one of them is responsible for the death of their friend. 

  33. The Last Day (Dramedy) – Four teen girls and inmates, plot to escape from a Super Powered Lockdown Facility, overcoming obstacles and learning personal lessons along the way.

  34. Little Orphan Hermione (Dramedy) – When Hermione Martinez, a starry-eyed optimist, finds herself placed in an orphanage with a group of depressed teens, she teaches them hope through music and the belief that anything is possible if you believe.

  35. Love Just Is (Comedy) – Three siblings learn a valuable lesson about how to show appreciation to their mother.

  36. Saving Da’Lenzi (Drama) – A teenage girl, kidnapped off the streets for sex trafficking, is rescued by a group of girls and reunited with her father.

  37. Hide & Seek (Horror) – Four girls’ innocent game of hide and seek takes a turn when they realize they are not alone.

  38. Staying True (Drama) – A high school outcast struggling with her identity finds comfort in an unlikely friendship.

  39. System Failure (Drama) – While contemplating his future, a teenage boy is forced to address a painful secret.

  40. Kurupted (Drama) – A school shooting is explored from the point of view of five people

  41. Angel of St. Catherine’s Academy (Horror) – While being terrorized by one of their own, the kids of a group home come together to take her down.

  42. Caged (Drama) – A teenage girl, burdened with emotional issues, tries to escape the impossible as she finds herself trapped in a hostage situation.

  43. Children of the Sun (Dramedy) – Trapped in a cult that worships the Sun, a teenage girl is forced to make a decision between life and death.

  44. Karma’s A B… (Drama) – A group of foster girls bond while fictitiously planning out the demise of all the people that hurt them.

  45. The Missing Piece (Comedy) – Jonathan takes on a mission to not be a loner anymore, and to make friends. Will he find the missing piece?

  46. Trapped Within (Drama) – After being kidnapped by a pimp, a homeless foster girl and her best friend are given a miracle that can help them escape.

  47. Intertwined (Dramedy) – The lives of three girls intersect in a way that will forever alter their perspectives on love, friendship, and freedom.

  48. The Struggle (Dramedy) – A group of girls in a group home build a sisterly bond and began to share with each other their dreams for the future.

  49. Death’s Possessions (Drama) – A group of girls in a group home start to see and hear spirits in the home.

  50. I’m Not Normal (Drama) – A teenage boy is tormented by guilt after the death of his sister.

  51. Life is a Dance (Drama) – A movement to success.

  52. Team Spirit (Drama) – When a young girl loses her mother right before a game, it takes her teammates to help her pull through.

  53. Life Through My Eyes (Drama) – After the diary of a missing foster girl suraces, a toxic group home learns secrets about one another that show them how to come together.

  54. Blind, But Now I See (Dramedy) – A group of Catholic school girls explore sneaking out to a party and find out partying is not all it’s cracked up to be.

  55. Fade Away (Drama) – After being released from a treatment center, a teen realizes that everyone he comes in contact with quickly fades away.

  56. Time For Change (Drama) – Depicts historical characters and poses the question, “What world do I want to live in?” With the underlying message, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” (South by South Lawn, White House Film Festival-Official Selection-2016)

  57. Last Chance (Dramedy) – A troubled teen’s life hangs in the balance when he must appear before a judge after his third strike.

  58. Different Position (Dramedy) – A cocky football player gets injured and is forced to take dance from an uptight ballerina, but after a few missed steps, they ultimately find their rhythm, love, and respect for each other.

  59. Moop’s Muted Life (Drama) – Tired of being ignored, an awkward boy goes to extreme measures to get attention.

  60. Answer That (Drama) – Four teens trapped in detention must deal with a ringing broken phone and a voice on the other side prophecy of death.

  61. Drizzle Of Hope (Comedy) – Can hope really change a life?

  62. Perfect Chemistry (Drama) – A cheerleader must make the difficult choice of being popular with her squad or finding true love with a chemistry geek.

  63. Suesville (Drama) – A fantasy-drama about two girls and the unique role their imagination plays in reconciling their relationship with their abusive parents.

  64. That One Smile (Drama) – Two sisters separated at birth and brought together through their love of music and each other.

  65. The Misfits (Drama) – A group of young Army misfits must learn to work together if they have any hope of surviving.

  66. The Other Side (Drama) – A boy develops a split personality and kills his mother, but when his alter ego tries to murder his girlfriend, the only way he can save her is to kill himself.

  67. A Reckless Phase (Dramedy) – A girl’s dream of graduating from high school turns into her worst nightmare.

  68. The Beauty Project (Dramedy) – Do you believe you’re good enough? Never risk someone’s life in a bet.

  69. The Bully (Drama) – Even bullies have a heart. Or do they?

  70. I Wish I Had Your Life (Drama) – Envy leads two young girls to become best friends and to appreciate their own lives.

  71. Welcome To Camp Apotampkin (Comedy) – Jasper’s mom finds a summer camp online and sends Jasper, sight-unseen into a camp for monsters and vampires.

  72. Another Way Out (Drama) – Two troubled teenagers search for a life opposite of violence, abuse and drugs.

  73. Heavens Hard Pitches (Drama) – A young girl searches for answers to her father’s identity and the reason she was sent to foster care.

  74. B4, Never, Maybe After (Comedy) – When a young Indian girl is finally noticed by her crush, she must learn to let go of the insecurities about her looks in order for their relationship to become real.

  75. To Make You Proud (Drama) – Stand up for yourself or live for others. A young artist—Scott—is torn between living the life he wants or living the life his mother wants him to live.

  76. You Are Not Alone (Drama) – A young girl is torn between telling the authorities that her mother is a drug addict, but one never knows when an angel is watching and protecting you.

  77. Abnormal Depression (Drama) – An ordinary day goes terribly wrong for a young boy who just wants to be accepted.

  78. Diamante Sangria (Drama) – A girl calls on her powers to take down her evil uncle who placed a curse on the family when was exiled from the family.

  79. The Magenta Stone (Drama) – A young girl desires a better life and discovers her long lost fantasy world that she eventually calls home for her and her mother.

  80. Lost Pursuit (Drama) – A lady who was given away as a baby tries to find her mother.

  81. Deja Love (Drama) – A blind girl meets a guy who had been dreaming about her.

  82. 18 Years (Drama) – A teenage basketball star looks to follow in his father’s footsteps until he discovers a secret he thinks may tear his family apart.

  83. Camp Little Cub (Scary Comedy) – It’s okay to be scared when your friends are there with you.

  84. Life At The Claymores (Drama) – What do you do when a bully targets you to pick on? Fight or flight?

  85. Nightmare (Drama) – Chilling account of what happens when 17-year-old Rose confronts her own dark side.

  86. Pretty Wings (Drama) – Triumphant tale of a high school student who through dance learns to soar above a painful relationship.

  87. Revenge (Drama) – Travis learns that using super powers to get revenge on a bully is not the best way to use his powers.

  88. This Boy’s Dream (Drama) – A boy and his drug addicted mother rise from the ashes of a tortured relationship to discover dreams really can come true.

  89. The Other Way Around (Comedy) – In this wacky fantasy a mischievous student gets a taste of his own medicine.

  90. The Lonely Ones (Drama) – Four brothers struggle to survive on the streets after their mother makes a devastating decision.

  91. Rescue of the Four (Documentary) – Three young filmmakers get a taste of Hollywood when they pitch their action adventure idea.

  92. What Lays in Tiffany’s Mind (Drama) – A powerful story of a teenage girl’s battle with the opinions of others.

  93. The Weird Ones (Comedy) – Things get really weird when the school geeks take on the school bully.

  94. Drama Between the Teens (Dramedy) – Love and revenge are served up piping hot when a young couple face-off in the school cafeteria.

  95. Out in These Streets (Drama) – Rebellion drives a young girl to the streets where she learns the hard way that the streets are not just made for walking.

  96. The Captive (Comedy) – It’s just not Mike’s day—especially when he’s kidnapped by the dumbest kidnapper…ever.