Kids in the Spotlight will be featured in an episode of Comedy Central’s break out hit “The
Jim Jefferies Show” on Tuesday, May 7th. The segment was shot on location at Maryvale
Residential Treatment Center during one of our acting workshops conducted by actor,
humanitarian, and longtime KITS ambassador,Ty Burrell.

Watch KITS Tuesday, May 7th on Comedy Central. Check
your local listings for channel and time.

According to the network webpage,
Jefferies presents a “brash and perceptive
point of view on politics and current
events, both in the U.S. and around the
globe.” The segment which airs on
National Foster Care Day is positioned to
heighten awareness about the plight of
youngsters living in foster care.

We are grateful to Mr. Jefferies, his staff,
and Comedy Central for yet another
opportunity to provide a unique platform for our kids to be seen AND heard. We hope you’ll
tune in.

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