Winning Script Named in KITS National Short
Screenplay Competition
By Courtney Price-Dukes
Logline: “Faced with a crippling anxiety, a young woman overcomes her fear only by
confronting her greatest enemy.”
We can’t share the script with you yet, but here’s what a few judges had to say:
“I instantly became curious & invested in the story.”
“…an intense moment of vulnerability for the protagonist that
will make the completed short instantly memorable.”
“The device of her doubting voice being personi6ed was
handled really well. That can be a diIcult one to pull off, and I
think the writer did it really skillfully & thoughtfully.”
“Since she realizes it’s only she who is holding herself back,
the ending feels well-earned & satisfying.”
“It will be a very emotional & powerful 6lm.”
Stay tuned for updates on KITS producing Speak in 2023!
Congratulations and well done, finalists Mare Villagrana and Jesus Ledezma! The decision
was a very close one. You worked hard, and it showed. Your scripts, Uncovered Lovers and
iVeve, will be registered with the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) along with Speak.
Continue to use your voices. Continue to write. We can’t wait to see what you create next.
A big THANK YOU to all our judges. Once again, you helped make this competition a huge
success. As Tige always says, it takes a village!