Longtime part-time KITS Operations Manager Raleigh Barmer steps into the full-time role of KITS Chief Operating Officer. Barmer’s expanded role was made possible by a grant from the Weingart Foundation.
Barmer has worked as an efficiency management consultant for over a decade. His diverse clients include one of the most iconic hotel brands in the world as well as name brands in the automotive industry and commercial and residential real estate.
At Carmax Auto Superstores, Barmer conceived and implemented the first “Quick Lube” service team, which completed services in under 15 minutes, increased customer service index scores over 100%, and drove profits for the dealership.
At the Global Integrity Real Estate
Corporation, he managed over $30 million
in assets. After studying the local rental
metrics, he tripled the annual revenue of
one building in his portfolio and consistently increased the income others generated.
Barmer carried out Six Sigma projects for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, evaluating breakdowns in efficiency in fine dining and accounting. His findings allowed the company to use its dining room staff effectively and raised its audit score from 60 to 98; driving down expenditures caused the brand to have a record revenue year.
Barmer’s expanded role at KITS focuses on expanding organizational capacity, streamlining policy, improving internal and external communication and collaboration, financial sustainability planning, and staff development.